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DXN, which has the world largest ganoderma farm, successfully produces 6 types of ganoderma that are most effective in terms of human health.



Spirulinas, which are produced in their own farms in the tropical climate without using pesticides and any chemicals, have high nutritional values.



DXN succeeded in mass-producing Cordyceps mushroom in its natural environment in its farms in China and presented it as a high price/performance product.

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If you ask what is the number one herb for cardiovascular pathways, Noni fruit will indisputably win.



This plant, also known as okra flower, is a full store of vitamin C and its benefits do not end with counting.

Lions Mane


The effects of lion's mane mushroom on the nervous system have been the subject of hundreds of scientific articles, and its effects on diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are discussed.